Introductions to Comorbidities

Introduction of Comorbidities - This course fills the State of Alabama requirement for a course with Medical focus. (2-hour presentation) 

Dr. Victor Bray's presentation is an introduction to concepts of chronic diseases and comorbidities of chronic diseases. We will pursue an investigation into metabolic syndrome and many associated chronic diseases which are comorbid with hearing loss, including disease(s) of the pancreas (e.g. diabetes mellitus), disease(s) of the heart and circulatory system (e.g. hypertension and vessel disease), disease(s) of the excretory system (e.g. chronic kidney disease), and disease(s) of the nervous system (e.g. cognitive decline and dementia). A discussion will follow on the sensitivity of the eyes and the ears to comorbid diseases along with the personal impact of dual sensory loss on communication impairment. As time allows, there will be a further discussion on the mental health consequences of chronic diseases and untreated hearing loss, with a focus on depression.

Course curriculum

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    Dr. Bray Introductions to Comorbidities

    • Introduction To Comorbidities