Telehealth Laws/Rules and Ethics

 Dr. Ken LaFerle

Telehealth Laws/Rules and Ethics - This course fills the State of Alabama requirement for a course with a focus on Ethics. (2-hour presentation)

With the pandemic, there is a shift in how we take care of our patients. In particular, the use of telehealth has increased significantly with little overall structure on how and when to do this. This course, presented by Dr. Ken LaFerle will focus on the legal and ethical ramifications of utilizing telehealth across the country with information on rules/laws in the state of Alabama and the state of Georgia. Specifically, information will be presented regarding any regulations and restrictions to use telehealth locally and nationally and the ethical considerations when working with the patient via telehealth. Finally, there will be suggestions on how to best leverage the practitioner’s relationship with telehealth.

Course curriculum

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    Telehealth Rules and Ethics

    • Telehealth Rules and Ethics