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Here are all the courses that are included in your bundle.

What to expect

HIPAA Training for Hearing Professionals – Upon completion of this course, learners should have a solid overview of HIPAA Privacy Rule and Security Rule. This course should take about 45 minutes to complete which includes a presentation, quiz, certificate of completion and tip sheet.

HIPAA Training for Practice Leaders – Upon completion of this course, practice leaders should understand the basic building blocks of a HIPAA compliance program and key focus areas. This training provides some resources on building or expanding your HIPAA compliance program.


  • Why do we need this training?

    All healthcare organizations are required to provide and track HIPAA compliance training periodically for all workforce members. This bundle includes training for the workforce member responsible for managing HIPAA compliance. It provides helpful content for creating or updating your practice’s compliance program. The package also includes training for an unlimited number of workforce members to meet the HIPAA training requirement.

  • How often are hearing practices required to provide this training to employees?

    HIPAA requires organizations to provide training for all employees, new workforce members, and periodic refresher training. Most organizations train all employees on HIPAA annually. This is considered to be a best practice.

  • What if I have additional questions about the training or about HIPAA compliance?

    Contact us with your questions via email ([email protected]) or via phone (509-867-3645)