Audiology Assistant Training Program

The Premier Training Program for the vital role of Audiology Assistant in any practice. 3 courses to choose from that include  customer service, lab training and  Best Practice Protocols. Sign up 1 Assistant or 3, this done-for you training is simple and easy to use!

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Business Courses and Personal Growth Tools

Develop your business skills and knowledge. Learn from the smartest minds in the industry with short courses that teach easy-to-apply concepts and provide tools you can use in your practice starting Monday morning.

Dr. Cliff AuD
Approved Provider Network

For Providers who follow the Best Practice Guidelines for the Audiologic Management of Adult Hearing Impairment and want to join Dr. Cliff's Approved Provider Network. This course will satisfy Dr. Cliff's training requirement, prior to Network membership approval.

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What is Audiology Academy?


The majority of hearing care providers get ZERO business training in school. And yet, we assume a dizzying variety of business roles - from owner to team leader, accountant to billing specialist, manager to trainer - we somehow have to learn to do it all and often, on our own.  At Audiology Academy, we want to grow the depth, breadth and type of training courses offered to you in the hearing healthcare industry in order to help your business grow. There are a lot of places you can go to watch a video or listen to a speaker for audiology-focused content. But where do you go for training for all the OTHER hats you wear? Fortunately, we have the answer. 

We know that owning and growing a business or improving yourself in your career involves all types of learning. That's why we're building focused, actionable training courses with reading material, workbooks, course activities and summary checklists. Some courses have videos, some simply require the learner to read and reflect - but they are all designed to increase your knowledge, skills and business acumen. 

These courses are reasonably priced, easy to download and include valuable, usable tools and content. From marketing to team-building, management skills to resolving conflict, this one-of-a-kind course offering will help guide you and your team on the business side of hearing healthcare so that you can turn your practice into a seamless, thriving and profitable clinic that serves patients well and keeps them coming back — and bringing their family and friends!


Recent changes in the industry and heightened demands by the public for transparency in hearing healthcare have increased the importance of ensuring your business prowess and inner strength so that you have the best opportunity to reach your financial goals. Our expert-led courses are taught by well-known industry leaders who follow best practices in their area of expertise and have access to a diverse range of information, allowing you to have access to a wealth of information right at your fingertips. We understand your concerns and aspirations. Our unique courses provide you with the resources to help you differentiate your practice, market it with a focused, effective strategy and learn how to deal with the stress your career can bring, all while finding a work-life balance. 

Because Audiology Academy is committed to providing unbiased advice. Our objectivity allows us to put your interests first. Audiology Academy is focused on helping hearing healthcare providers have easy-to-access to information from knowledgeable mentors who deliver actionable advice to help practices thrive. 


  • What is Audiology Academy?

    Audiology Academy is an online training site that specializes in training courses for Audiology Assistants and Audiology Business Owners or anyone that wants to improve their communication skills with their patients and much more.

  • What is the cost?

    In our other site that was the most commonly asked question. But on our new and improved site, we share all the costs and we even created a Pricing page for you. Please see the Pricing link at the top of the page.

  • Do the online courses expire?

    Yes, all of our training has a limited time that you can access the material after you purchased it. Every course is a little different so please look closely at the course description.

  • Can we start the course at any time?

    Yes, as soon as you sign up and purchase the course, the online training can begin.

  • How long does the course take?

    For the Assistant Training Courses, each course is self-paced and is estimated to take about a week for each module. The Complete Audiology Assistant Training has 15 modules, the Core and Basic Audiology Assistant Training each have 10 modules. Typically, new assistants will start seeing patients under the close supervision of an audiologist in approximately six to eight weeks after beginning the course and should be completely autonomous by the six-month mark. For all the other courses we try to estimate how long it will take and that is listed with the course information.

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