• State Academies

    Are you a state academy and want to find a source of training material that you can offer your members? Want to give your members a special discount? Contact us and we will gladly partner with you and we will give you a link that you can add to your site that your members can use to gain access to discounted courses.

  • Practice Development Groups

    Are you a practice development group and have members that you want to offer discounted access to our training? Do you want to be able to offer a broader range of training, practice development tools to your members? Contact us and we will be happy to help you.

  • Course Writers/Experts

    Are you in the industry and have content that will help improve the industry? Do you want a platform that will help you sell your content and link back to a product that you offer? We are always looking for industry experts that want to write, train and teach. We can help, with our platform we want to be the audiology industry leader in actual training material.

Contact Us

We love talking to everyone about this!

Whether if you are a state academy, practice development group or someone with something to share with the industry, we want to hear from you. We won't shy from what we are trying to do. What we want to do is touch every audiologist and give them actual training material that will improve them, their practice or any other part of their life. We all have something to learn and we want to help. We will be growing our courses very rapidly at first and we want your help. We are not shy to ask for it and we hope you want to help. 

State academies and Practice Development groups already know how to spread the word. We want to give you something to share. 

Content for any training site is always the thing they are looking for. Fresh, new, up to date, meaningful, issue-current, and cutting edge. We are looking for the best and we are looking for those that have training and content that needs to be shared. If you have a topic and want to see if it can be done, contact us!

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