AR in the Real World - Tips and Tools to 
Make AR Work in Any Practice 

Aural rehabilitation includes everything that we, as hearing care professionals, do to help our patients cope with hearing loss. It encourages our patients to play an active role in their treatment process and it ensures successful outcomes with amplification. Aural rehabilitation also sets us apart from the OTC, big box, and online retail outlets. It truly is the professional value that we bring to our patients. Unfortunately, many clinicians feel that they don't have the time or resources to provide a comprehensive aural rehabilitation program so they put the majority of their focus on the devices and leave out critical parts of AR such as counseling, education, resources, and auditory training. This course will review the challenges that clinicians face related to the provision of aural rehabilitation. It will then provide an overview of the various components of aural rehabilitation including specific programs and resources for each component. The course concludes with valuable tips that can be implemented in your practice immediately to seamlessly include aural rehabilitation in your treatment process, improve patient outcomes, and set yourself apart from the competition.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    AR in the Real World

    • Introduction

    • Importance and Challenges

    • Education

    • Providing a Sense of Community

    • Auditory Training Tools

    • 5 Keys Communication

  • 2

    AR Tips and Tools Resource Page

    • AR Tips and Tools Resource Page