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Who should sign up for this course? 

We think you should sign up anyone that will sit at the front desk of an Audiology clinic. If it's their first day or their 15th year at the front desk, 

there is something for everyone. 

You may have thought, 

"What if I train them and they leave?" 

But, what if you don't train them and they stay?

The person at your Front Desk represents the face of the practice. 

What message are YOU sending to your patients?

Your front desk staff may already be doing a good job. They are amazing people! We just want them do an Amazing job at the front desk! We have found that well trained staff are happier and more likely to stay with a clinic longer. 

Happy Front Desk - Happy Patients!

Let us help you train and keep your amazing front desk staff!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to your Front Desk Boot Camp

  • 2

    Front Desk Professional Position Overview

    • Title & Job Description

    • Hearing Healthcare Mission

    • Primary Functions

    • Psychology & Compassion

    • Professional Responsibilities

    • Front Desk Professional Position Overview Homework

    • Test your learning

  • 3

    Identifying Equipment and Systems

    • Office Equipment Overview and Phones

    • The Pitfalls of Transfers and Holds

    • To Hold or Not to Hold

    • Voicemail, Printer, Copier, Scanner, Fax, Credit Card Processor

    • Identifying Equipment and Systems Homework

    • Test your learning

  • 4

    Hearing Healthcare

    • Hearing Healthcare as a Profession

    • Professionals of Hearing Healthcare

    • Hearing Healthcare Credentials Practice Flashcards

    • Other Medical Credential Practice Flashcards

    • Services

    • Services - practice

    • Medical & Specialty Referrals

    • Other medical credentials - practice

    • Hearing Healthcare Homework

    • Test your learning

  • 5


    • The Art of Effective Scheduling

    • The Patient Journey

    • Information Gathering

    • Scheduling: Patient types

    • Scheduling: Appointment types

    • Know Your Practice / FAQs

    • Closing The Call

    • Scheduling: Looking Ahead To Plan Ahead

    • Reaching Clinic Goals through Purposeful Scheduling

    • Scheduling Homework

    • Test your learning

  • 6

    Building a Strong Foundation for Patient Satisfaction

    • The 3 R’s

    • HEAR Formula

    • The Cost of Dissatisfaction

    • The Satisfaction Trap

    • Building a Strong Foundation for Patient Satisfaction Homework

    • Test your learning

  • 7

    Insurance/ Discount Programs/ Third Party Payors

    • Insurance Overview

    • Private Pay, Insurance, and Discount Programs

    • Understanding the Insurance VOB Form

    • Insurance Terminology Flashcards

    • Medicare Referrals

    • The No Surprise Act

    • Insurance/ Discount Programs/ Third Party Payors Homework

    • Test your learning

  • 8

    Extraordinary Customer Service

    • Creating the WOW! Experience

    • Critical Customer Service Skills

    • Creating Value in your Products and Services

    • Ten Steps for Building Patient Loyalty

    • The Importance of Active Listening

    • Active Interruption

    • When Things Get Heated

    • Extraordinary Customer Service Homework

    • Test your learning

  • 9

    Hearing Aids 101

    • Styles

    • Components of a Hearing Aid

    • Components Specific to a BTE/CRT

    • Cleaning

    • Troubleshooting Complaints

    • Hearing Aid 101 Homework

    • Test your learning

  • 10

    Social Media and Reputation Management

    • Business Goals - Reviewing The 3 R’s

    • Social Media Marketing

    • Online Reputation Management

    • Social Media and Reputation Management Homework

    • Test your learning

  • 11

    Communication in Hearing Healthcare

    • Preparation for Patient Interaction

    • Face-to-Face Communication

    • Communicating with Different Personalities

    • Communication Etiquette

    • Voicemail Etiquette

    • Being HIPAA Compliant

    • Email Etiquette

    • Communication in Hearing Healthcare Homework

    • Test your learning

  • 12

    Final Exam

    • Final Exam

    • Exit Survey

  • 13

    BONUS External Training Tools

    • External Training Tools to develop other Front Desk Professional skills