Course curriculum

Protocols include:

Lets make sure you are getting everything you will need.

  • Audiology Assistant Daily Routine

  • Lab Responsibilities

  • Lab Control

  • Stock Hearing Aid Protocol

  • Return for Credit Procedure

  • Hearing Instrument Cleaning Appointment/Walk-ins

  • Hearing Aid Deliveries

  • LACE Demonstration and Follow Up

  • End of Month Duties

Editable Checklists and Worksheets

  • Audiology Assistant Checklist

  • Biologic Checklist

  • Communications Needs Assessment

  • Drop-In Hearing Instrument Worksheet

  • Earmold Order Checklist

  • End of Month Control Sheet

  • Essential and Marginal Job Functions Worksheet

  • Hearing Aid Delivery Checklist

  • Housekeeping Checklist

  • Lab Hearing Aid Check

  • Otoscopic Examination Infection Control Protocol

  • Performance Appraisal / Self Evaluation Form

  • Training Tracker Worksheet