Aural Rehabilitation with 5 Keys Communication (Free)

Aural rehabilitation is critical to patient success with amplification. It is also a major factor that sets hearing care professionals apart from OTCs, big box, and online retail outlets. Unfortunately, many clinicians are not providing this critical service, or they are providing it in such a haphazard way that patients don't recognize it as an important part of their treatment plan. 5 Keys Communication is designed to be a simple and systematic aural rehabilitation program that is easy for clinicians to administer and easy for patients to complete. The program consists of 3 parts: a patient handbook, an online program, and patient handouts. This course will describe how the program was developed and how each of the parts can be used alone, or together, to ensure that every patient is receiving the counseling, education, and resources that will help them successfully cope with hearing loss AND value your professional services beyond the widgets.

Course curriculum

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