This course will show you how to create a Shopify account, modify all the settings needed, add products and categories and even how to get it connected to your current website.

Oaktree Products has a great program to help you offer more products without the overhead or headache of stocking product and shipping it to buyers. In fact, they will direct-ship all orders to your customers/patients from online orders. 

Our current patients are getting savvier and finding the products online that they need or want. If you aren't offering it, someone else is! Creating your own online store isn't difficult to do. With a few easy steps and a little bit of your time, you can offer a much needed service to your patients.

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    Why you should build your online store

    • Why you should build your online store

  • 3

    What you will need

    • What you will need

  • 4

    Creating your store

    • Create your first online store with Shopify

    • Adding the products to the correct inventory

  • 5

    Create your subdomain

    • How to connect your current website to your Shopify store

    • Setting up you Subdomain

  • 6

    All your settings

    • All your settings

    • Set Shipping to Free Shipping for Oaktree Fulfillment

    • Legal Document Templates

    • Additional information

  • 7

    Thank you!

    • Buy the pre-built product list