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Learn how Audiologists can play a key role in the early detection of cognitive decline and how cognitive testing can both elevate and set your practice apart from OTC and online retailers.

Learning Objectives

  • Review the basic science of cognitive performance, cognitive decline, and the importance of early detection
  • Review research associated with cognitive performance as it relates to hearing loss
  • Review the impact cognition has on hearing in difficult listening situations
  • Discover the importance of incorporating cognitive screenings for all patients
  • Examine how Audiologists can utilize information from a cognitive screening device to improve outcomes
  • Learn ways to integrate cognitive screenings into different types of patient visits
  • Learn about various revenue models associated with incorporating cognitive screenings
  • Explore various patient communication techniques and marketing initiatives related to cognitive health
  • Discover how incorporating cognitive screenings into your practice can help build your specialist referral base and strengthen your role in the community healthcare ecosystem

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Cognivue Audiology Webinars

    • Learning Objectives

    • Module 1: Cognition and Hearing - Supporting Research

    • Module 2: Patient Centered Care from the Ear to the Brain

    • Module 3: Implementing Cognitive Screenings: Revenue Models, Patient Flow, Product Details

    • Module 4: Patient Engagement and Marketing (Part 1)

    • Module 5: Patient Engagement and Marketing (Part 2)

    • Module 6: Building MD Referral Networks and other Patient Transition Opportunities