Dr. Dusty Jessen
Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Jessen has been practicing audiology since 2001.  She spent 2 years in a hospital setting, 15 years in an ENT clinic, and is now the proud owner of a private practice in Littleton, Colorado.  Dr. Jessen’s passion revolves around patient education and counseling.  In 2014 she wrote and published a patient handbook, “5 Keys to Communication Success” which is now the backbone of the 5 Keys Communication auditory rehabilitation program.  Dr. Jessen has published many articles on the topic of auditory rehabilitation and has spoken for state and national conferences around the world about the critical importance of keeping patient education and counseling at the forefront of our treatment plans in order to shift the focus back to our professional services and set ourselves apart from the commodity options available to patients today.

Dr. Jessen holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association and is a member of the Academy of Rehabilitative Audiology and the Hearing Loss Association of America.  She is also a member and past president of the Colorado Academy of Audiology.

Outside of the audiology arena, Dr. Jessen spends her time home-schooling her kids, striving for 12,000 steps per day, and fostering homeless dogs.

Future Course

  • Auditory Rehabilitation via Telehealth
  • Auditory Rehabilitation in Clinical Practice
  • 5 Keys Communication Certification Course