This Audiology Academy short course in embezzlement is offered for your benefit due to the likelihood of an incident or a suspected embezzlement happening within your practice at some point, if it hasn't already.  

An incident of embezzlement is extremely difficult psychologically for practice owners and a serious criminal situation. We will discuss this topic in both readings and discussion through this Audiology Academy short course. 

This course is based upon over 40 years of independent audiology private practice experience and a couple of major embezzlement situations (and probably a few undiscovered minor ones) that occurred during my tenure in audiology practice. It is offered in the spirit of camaraderie with practice owners to ensure that this does not happen in your practice and as a comfort to those that are currently working through an embezzlement situation or those that have been through the same devastating experience.  It is based upon the literature, personal experience and the experience of other audiology practitioners that have shared their situations. 

This course describes the crime of embezzlement, its incidence who does it, as well as why and how they do it.  Further, it presents some cautions to consider in order to keep these crimes from happening in your practice.

For more information about this course, you can contact Bob Traynor at [email protected]

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction to Embezzlement In The Audiology Practice

  • 2

    Embezzlement in the Audiology Practice

    • The Crime of Embezzlement

    • Collateral Damage from Embezzlement

    • Can You Tell Who Is An Embezzler?

    • Symptoms of Embezzlement?

    • How Embezzlers Steal

    • Tips for Embezzlement Prevention

    • Epilog

    • References

  • 3

    More Information

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